Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Droids vs iSheep debate turning nasty

Perhaps taking their cue from today’s state and national political campaigns, out on the left coast the smart phone debates are turning nasty. Are iPhone users hip while an Android phones are square? Or are Android users cool compared to the "iSheep"? Freelance writer Carrie Kirby opines as follows: “When you publicly worship a product so fervently that the religion center of your brain lights up, it's bound to attract a little mockery. Here are some of the more clever parodies, pranks and jabs aimed at Apple fans: 
  • Samsung's "The Next Big Thing Is Already Here" commercial, where a hipster with a Galaxy S III saves a spot in the iPhone 5 line for his mom and dad: bit.ly/QlPcp6 
  • The "iPhone 5 Box Prank" from AwesomenessTV, in which iPhone fans believe they're seeing the new phones dropped and smashed: bit.ly/PjfZ5L
  • "Jimmy Kimmel Live" shows people on the street an iPhone 4S it says is the new iPhone 5. Even those who own 4S claim the phone looks "way better."
  • Anti-Apple imagery including silhouetted figures connected by white headphones in a chain gang and a swipe at the adaptor needed to connect the new iPhone to old ports: bit.ly/SkKirX
  • On Twitter, Android fans and other critics use the hashtag@iSheep to share their disgust.” 

If you camped out overnight to buy an iPhone 5, eating lightly to avoid leaving the line for bathroom breaks, if you met your girlfriend on Cupidtino.com, the "first-ever Mac-inspired dating site," and if you have an Apple logo tattoo, you can find Kirby's full article in the San Francisco Chronicle

As for me, I love my iPhone 5, but I hate, loath, and despise the way the App store treats developers, which is the main reason you haven't seen this blog for a while, as I was converting it into an iPhone App.

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