Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Arkami Parlays a $473,333 Kickstarter Campaign into $1.8 million Angel Round

Arkami™ of Alsiso Viejo, CA, today announced a $1.8 Million Series A round of angel financing, following its successful Kickstarter campaign in March..
This round includes  investments from Gordon Clemons, McNeel Capital,  and Mark Swanson as well as a number of other veteran angel investors. The funding will be used to accelerate the development of myIDkey, meet customer demand, and facilitate company growth. “While myIDkey is a compelling market opportunity, what stands out is the management team,” said Gordon Clemons.
“myIDkey is a complete password management system that fills-in passwords across all frequently used web sites on personal computers and smart mobile devices. It stores all of your passwords and critical information on a portable Bluetooth / USB device. Unlocked with the swipe of a finger, myIDkey enables you to voice-search for logins, passwords and ID information on its own OLED screen for quick access while on the go. By utilizing myIDkey apps for iPhone and Android, you can easily manage and edit passwords and encrypt select files to protect with your unique fingerprint.”
myIDkey recently completed a Kickstarter campaign that sold more than 5,000 units in 30 days, making it one of the most successful technology projects ever launched for the consumer market.
On Kickstarter
Arkami launched its Kickstarter campaign on Feb 20, 2013, with the ambitious goal of raising $150,000. Within a month they had raised $473,333   from 3,927 Backers.  While our Editors find that many of our angels would prefer not to be identified, or at least to keep the details of their individual investments private, we were surprised to see that Kickstarter provides us a list of all 3,927 backers, along with their photographs..  By clicking on a particular investor, you can see how many investments she has made and what they are.

Picked randomly, we see that Rosie Siman, from New York, NY, joined Kickstarter in  May 2009 and has backed 162 projects. Eric Damon Walters of  Rochester, MN, joined April 2010, backed 2168 projects. For details on these folks, and lots more, click here to review the Arkami pages.


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