Thursday, May 3, 2012

Common Angels Announces New Investment Record in 2011; 2012 on a Similar Pace. Last year with 21 rounds in 17 startups, the Common Angels funded the most companies in their 13-year history. 

“This year is on a similar pace, with five investments already to date. We will announce a few new deals soon once those companies are market ready. 

“For follow-ons, we had substantial participation in a new $12.4M financing round in March for mobile app management rockstars, Apperian. The startup has seen tremendous success with its cloud-based platform, Enterprise App Service Environment (EASE), and we're thrilled to be a part of their continued growth!”

These results support the surge in angel investing reported elsewhere.  Common Angels is in a way our regional flagship in that they have the most money under management.  They are also one of our largest groups, although Lanchpad has recently passed them in membership.

Additionally, they are one of our oldest groups still operating, founded after The Breakfast Club and Walnut Venture Associates and just before the eCoast Angels and Launchpad.

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