Friday, May 11, 2012

 The Launchpad Venture Group reports record investments in 2011. “We invested in 20 companies last year.   Nine of the investments were in new companies and 11 were follow-on investments.   This was about double our pace from prior years,” says Managing Director Ham Lord. Total invested was $4.4 million.

“Already, 2012 is starting off fast with 3 new investments and 7 follow-on investments.   And, we are actively fund raising for a fourth new deal,” he says.

The UNH Center for Venture Research reports that total angel investments in 2011 increased 12.1 percent over 2010; ventures receiving angel funding increased 7.3 percent. Based on the success of Launchpad, and the earlier record results reported by the Common Angels, it appears that our local angels may be far exceeding their peers in other regions.  Does any other group wish to report in? 

 Launchpad is now the largest angel investing group in the Northeast, with more than 90 active members coming from a variety of backgrounds and professions, including the technology, financial service, industrial and life science communities.   Launchpad currently focuses on investments in the technology and life-science spaces and select opportunities in the green space.

Our congratulations go out to Launchpad Managing Directors Hambleton Lord and Christopher Mirabile.

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