Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Angel Resource Institute Offers Training on Post-Investment Activities

The Angel Resource Institute, the non-profit educational partner of the Angel Capital Association, just announced three new practical sessions describing how angels can have a greater impact on post-investment activities. From the announcement:

Navigating the Boardroom (Half Day)
Knowing how to be a strong leader within the boardroom can have a huge impact on a company’s path to exit. You need to know how to be an effective influence. This workshop presents a deep primer on how to organize and execute the most important items a board and its directors will face. Click here for more information.

Post-Investment: Mentoring & Governance (Half Day)
Understanding how to manage your post-investment activities goes a long way towards impacting the long term growth of your company and investment. This workshop presents the fundamentals of how to prepare for, set up, and execute a solid post-investment plan. Click here for more information.

Pitching to Investors (Half Day)
This workshop teaches entrepreneurs how to give effective pitches to investors. It utilizes proven best practices, presentations, and thought provoking panels to unlock the mysteries of what angel investors really want to know.  This program is a great tool for partnering with local entrepreneurial support organizations such as an incubator or university. Click here for more information

 “Response has been great because there is a growing need amongst a lot of angel groups and individual investors to influence the ability and size of an exit after their investment is made,” says Chris Major,  Director of Education.  “Many investors do not believe they can, or know how to, set up a process to create an ongoing impact on their investments. The Navigating the Boardroom and Post-Investment: Mentoring & Governance workshops aim to solve these issues.

“The Pitching to Investors workshop is a solution to a common problem and that is many entrepreneurs are not prepared to effectively communicate their opportunities to investors. The most common ‘off the record’ comment we hear from investors about pitches is, ‘they are usually pretty bad.’ This response dooms the entrepreneur. By learning how to speak to investors, the common mistakes to avoid, and what investors really look for, you increase the odds of raising capital and create a more efficient process for the investor. It is a great win-win for everyone involved. 

 “Angel groups are starting to partner with local organizations, such as incubators, economic development organizations, and universities to deliver the Pitching to Investors workshop because it goes a long way to improving their community’s investment readiness.” 

For more information about these and other programs, visit the newly designed website for the Angel Research Institute

“For a limited time ACA members are eligible for an exclusive 15% discount off license fees,” adds Major.

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